On the Knife Edge

by S. Mason Pratt

On the Knife Edge, a timely spy thriller, casts the reader into the throes of the war in Ukraine. Part historical novel, it is based on the true story of the container ship El Faro, which sank off the Bahamas almost nine years ago with no survivors, including five graduates of Maine Maritime Academy.

Second mate MELANIE is unaware that her former love, JACK PIERCE, is now a CIA assassin who intends to blow up her ship. After assassinating the Russian’s Mayor of Sebastopol, he’s working for the Ukrainian oligarchs. She seduces him before she learns he’s dangerous. When the hurricane hits, they are the sole survivors.

Jack is obsessed with Melanie, who is plagued by her brother’s drowning and survivor’s guilt. She runs from Jack, who follows her to the North Maine Woods. On Mount Katahdin’s “Knife Edge,” they must fight for their lives.