“Debbie Benner at Goose River Press is thoroughly knowledgeable about the printing business. Having just published my children’s book, Milkweed Is for Monarchs, I found her helpful in all areas of decision-making. She’s an extraordinarily capable professional with whom to work.”

Bundy H. Boit, April 2017

“Every writer comes to his inspiration and craft through holding books in his hands, reading quietly, listening internally to the words, seeing their grace on the clean printed page, feeling the easy weight of the book affirming the seriousness of its themes. And every writer soon longs to create not just poems but a book of poems to share, and hazard, with other readers. But it becomes clear very quickly that publishing and printing require craft and skills of a different sort than his own. My collaboration with Goose River Press showed me what partners in publishing can do. Our proposals complemented each other nicely, communications about editing and format were frequent, changes I needed were accomplished, other ideas I mentioned wisely resisted by the editor. I feel I created my own book. I also feel the editor can say she produced a lovely book of poems for me and for Goose River Press. “

– Richard Taylor March, 2017

“Editor Deborah J. Benner, through the Goose River Press, has not only provided me with first-rate publication services, but she has often served as my advisor and counsel in regard to appropriate content and vocabulary.  Her standards for GRP are lofty but reasonable, and she is open to qualifying explanations for the writer’s rationale for developing poems and storylines.  In a self-publication of a poetry collection (An Irish View of the Country) and in a traditional publication of a short story collection (A Long Farewell), Debbie has treated me most professionally and made many accommodations for my amendments and corrections.  The Goose River Press is a high quality and most dignified publishing house under the skilled and knowledgeable direction of Debbie Benner.”

– John T. Hagan

“As I began reading the Goose River Anthology, 2013 some words  I’d read by Sherry Plummer popped to mind. She’d said something like, “You can travel the world and never leave your chair when you read a book.” I sensed that while devouring the latest anthology.

 I’ve always followed a simple formula to assess my enjoyment of the book. Basically, I noticed my unwillingness to put a an outstanding book down. After nearly a decade of reading and relishing  each issue of the Goose River Anthology,  I  felt compelled to read this 2013 issue from cover to cover.  I continually hesitated to put it away. This was truly a magnificent publication. Kudos!”

– Anthony D’Alessandro

“Sixty years ago there were over 90 magazines that published short fiction. Most of them also published essays and poetry. Today, it is hard to identify a mere dozen that offer an outlet for the short story and few of those offer a regular forum for essays and poetry. However, an outlet for some of the best writers in the country is now offered by such respected annual publications as the Goose River Anthology. The quality of the writing seems to get better with every issue. Get a copy and read it. You’ll see what I mean.’

– the late Bill Tucker: novelist, memoirist, essayist,
disciple of good short fiction,
contributor to Goose River Anthology
Aurora, OH

“I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to write for an annual quality publication, Goose River Anthology.”

– Juliana L’Heureux, Tophsham, ME